Own Your Hustle Ep. 1 Taking The Plunge

In the pilot episode of Own Your Hustle, online business coach Ruby Lee shares why she started her side hustle back in 2015,  how that ignited her passion for helping budding entrepreneurs, and the difficult choice she had to make when her 9-5 corporate employer found her blog.

Stay tuned for more Own Your Hustle episodes about Ruby Lee & purpose-built side hustles!

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Own Your Hustle Ep. 2 Work/Life Balance

In episode 2 of Own Your Hustle, Ruby and her husband Michael discuss their work dynamic, personal hobbies, and family life. The two discuss what it’s like to be married to your business partner, and what having a kid means for parents who are digital nomads—and how their son happily adapts to their lifestyle. Ruby also shares what meditation, journaling, and nature do for her, and a reflection on the pressure that comes with being someone that people look up to.

Own Your Hustle Ep. 3 What Lights You Up (9 to 5)

Are you working in your 9-5 job and feeling like you’re meant for something else? Are you tired of climbing the corporate ladder, and feeling an itch to start a business of your own? If so, the Own Your Hustle tribe is perfect for you! You will find similar souls who have been where you are, and are just a little bit ahead—and can hold you accountable and inspire you every day! 

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Latest News on the Corona Virus

 In episode 13 we discuss President Trump threatens revenge against China,  Armed protests erupt in some states over re-opening, the results of our latest poll shows, try getting in touch with your inner self with some tips on meditating.   Follow us on: iWomanTV https://www.instagram.com/iwomantv/ https://twitter.com/iwomantv https://www.facebook.com/iWomanTVoffi...