Overall Winner

"Remember When" by Swati Srivastava


Swati Srivastava

  Former woman in STEM now woman in FILM, Swati Srivastava is a 1st generation immigrant & a multi award-winning writer-director, and voice over artist who has directed several short films, short docs and music videos. As a documentary filmmaker, Swati traveled to India to document the epidemic of farmer suicides.  

Best Producer

Gilana Lobel

Gilana Lobel

 NYWIFT 2020 Online Short Festival in partnership with Go Indie TV recognizes Gilana Lobel for her outstanding work as an Independent Producer:
"The Birds Sing Too Loud", "Cornflower", and "As Shadows" 

Best Ensemble Cast

"Peace Of Mind" by Swati Srivastava

Cast: Nish Shokeen, Chriselle Almeida, and Vasanth Santusham.

Best Social Awareness

Taking first place is "Generation Lockdown" by Sirad Balducci 

Generation Lockdown is a Top Pick for Go Indie TV

We can only show you the trailer.  Generation Lockdown is currently working the festival circuit.  This is a "powerful" story told by teenager Caleb Brown, whom happen to win 2nd place for Best Actor.  Go Indie TV encourages you to support the Give Film Organization.  Please CLICK on the link to Find Out More.   

Best Documentary

"All I See Is The Future" a Go Indie TV favorite!  A heartwarming documentary that sheds light on what can happen if you have the right attitude, have the right people to believe in you.  It is never too late to be the best that you can be.  Nancy Dionne directed a brilliant piece.  

Best Web Series

"Woe Is She" another top pick from Go Indie TV.  We adore the chemistry between the two characters!  No wonder, this  short not only took home first place best web series, but also actress Stephanie Fagan won 2nd place for best actress and Kathleen Simmonds won first place for best supporting role.  

Woe is She

While we are on the topic of Web Series....

Check out this great trailer for Amsterdam Ave.  "Amsterdam Ave." won second place Dramedy & Supporting Actress Winner Catherine Curtain and tied for 2nd place best Web Series.  

 Go Indie TV sees a bright future for these two talented creators:  Dionne Van den Berg and Pooja Trpathi   

Amsterdam Ave

Go Indie TV invites you to watch Amsterdam Ave here:  Click on the  red box to be entertained!

"Hotel Bleu is a big winner

"Hotel Bleu" sweeps the NYWIFT Online Short Festival  with some big wins!

COO Go Indie TV's top pick

Hotel Bleu

It is brilliantly written by Bethany Jacobson, and this is why she won 1st place for not only best writer, but also for best director.  Though, the bright spot is Julie Halston's performance.  You will have some laugh out moments!  Go Indie TV hopes you will take the time to share our love for this short!  Click below 

Best Actors

Best Actresses

Go Indie TV cannot air I: Ayn Rand per their agreement.

Debbie Irwin wins

I: Ayn Rand wins 3rd place for Best Actress: Debbie Irwin, and 4th place for Honorable Mention. 

Best Supporting Role Performances

Best Guest Star Performances

NYWIFT in partnership with Go Indie TV announce the 2020 Online Short Festival