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GITV Film & TV airs on ROKU

 Go Indie TV's approach is simple. We provide entertainment by bringing you unique and creative artists, who's video(s) are of high quality production value. Go Indie TV www.goindietv.net has partnered with Total Stream Media to bring an unique line-up of ROKU channels under the GITV name! GITV Film & TV has partnered with Maybacks Global and Simul TV to bring you a packed full channel of entertainment to please the whole family. Original movies, Pilots, Series, Mainstream Music and programming, Prime-time Drama, Comedies, Westerns, Family friendly content for kids to teens. From Science Fiction to Classic & Contemporary Programming, GITV has it all to keep you glued to our channel. To keep us FREE for your enjoyment be sure to RATE us and share with a friend. You prefer oldies? Be sure to search GITV in the ROKU store to find our many classic channels. 

GITV has a host of channels on Roku

We feature many Classic Channels such as:  GITV Classic TV Series, GITV Classic Western, GITV Film Noir, GITV Classic Movie Trailers, GITV Dragnet, GITV Beyond Step One, GITV Sherlock Holmes, GITV Women in Film & TV, GITV Horror and many more are on there way.  Not only do we feature Classic programming, we also have:  When Paintings Come Alive, Beef Stew Radio TV, NYWIFT Shorts Festival, and Dark Night Films all for your viewing pleasure on ROKU. 

19 Diverse channels of quality programming 24/7


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